Julie Stuckert is in the midst of helping 23 high school students learn a piece by composer William Hofeldt called “Lullaby,” bar by bar, line by line. Keeping time with the metronome on her cell phone, she begins in her

Over the last three years, Carrier, whose residential headquarters are based on the west side of Indianapolis, has donated $45,000 to the Area 31 Career Center located at Ben Davis High School. These funds have helped propel the Area 31

Aundra Lambert loves seeing his students smile, whether it’s while they’re on the playground at McClelland Elementary, or while they’re working in the classroom. “Watching the kids learn and watching them smile after they have learned something is just great,”

Rebecca Daugherty-Saunders, principal of Ben Davis University High School (BDU), has been named District 7 High School Principal of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Principals. IASP District 7 encompasses all schools in Marion County. Mrs. Daugherty-Saunders has