A Message from Superintendent Jeff Butts

I first became an educator in 1992 when I began my teaching career at Prairie Central High School in Fairbury, Illinois. I could not have imagined, after many wonderful opportunities as a teacher, athletic director, principal, and assistant superintendent, that I would be serving this wonderful community as only the fifth superintendent in the MSD of Wayne Township.

Public education in Wayne Township began in 1852 with a single township school. We did not become a metropolitan school district until 110 years later in 1962, by court order. We recently celebrated our 50th year as the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township. While a great deal has changed, our focus on providing opportunities for student and staff success has not.

I hope you will take a few minutes to view the video below to learn more about what our district was like 50 years ago. The video navigates us through our history, including comments from Mrs. Phyllis Lewis, current Board of Education member and a leader in the effort to bring kindergarten into our schools; Mr. Paul Calabro, former Board of Education member and a retired MSD of Wayne Township principal leading Drexel Gardens Elementary, Chapelwood Elementary, and Chapel Glen Elementary Schools; and Mr. Stan Ellis, former Board of Education member and retired teacher at Ben Davis High School and Ben Davis Junior High School. Finally, you’ll hear from Dr. Harmon Baldwin, the first Superintendent of the MSD of Wayne Township. You’ll find this video by clicking on the 50th Anniversary Information link on the homepage of our website.

In Wayne, each of our students is more than a number, more than a test score. While we have become so trained to focus on standardized testing data — and I agree it has its place — I challenge you to get engaged in our schools to see first-hand the amazing work happening each and every day with all of our students. Success is prevalent throughout our district and measured individually, student by student. In Wayne, our students come first and we make decisions that best serve the needs of all of them.

If you do not know how to get involved, begin by contacting our HOSTS program to mentor students in reading for one hour each week. Our district currently enjoys partnerships with more than 250 organizations. It is when we are all working together for our children that the true meaning of our district motto, We Are Wayne, comes alive.

If you would like to learn more about what is on my mind on a daily basis, I invite you to follow me on Twitter @WayneTwpSuper.

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Hear from the MSD of Wayne Township Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Butts!