M.S.D. of Wayne Township School Board

Meet our M.S.D. of Wayne Township School Board

The MSD of Wayne Township School Board is an elected seven-member board. Board members are elected at large and serve a four-year term.

Ben Wakefield--School Board Vice President

Ben Wakefield

Raimeka Graham--School Board Secretary

Raimeka Graham
Vice President

Brandon Bowman--School Board Member

Brandon Bowman

Karen Burke--School Board Member

Karen Burke
Board Member

Shirley Deckard--Board Member

Shirley Deckard
Board Member

Susan Graves--School Board Member

Susan Graves
Board Member

Mike Nance--School Board Member

Mike Nance
Board Member

School Board Member
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Telephone Number
Brandon Bowman, Secretary 317-287-9833
Karen Burke 317-332-8725
Shirley Deckard 317-490-8820
Raimeka Graham, Vice President 317-213-7981
Susan Graves 317-442-6398
Michael Nance 317-697-7794
Benjamin Wakefield, President 317-503-9009