Achieving Excellence Every Day

In MSD Wayne Township, each of our students is more than a number, more than a test score.

While we have become so trained to focus on standardized testing data — and I agree it has its place — I challenge you to get engaged in our schools to see first-hand the amazing work happening each and every day with all of our students. Success is prevalent throughout our district and measured individually, student by student. In Wayne, our students come first and we make decisions that best serve the needs of all of them.

District News

Kelin Mark named principal of Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center for 2019-20

Kelin Mark, assistant principal at Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center, will become principal of the school starting in the 2019-20 school year. Mr. Mark will replace Principal Sheri

Ben Davis High School Teacher Dennis Goins Receives Mentoring Award

Dennis Goins, performing arts department chair at Ben Davis High School, has been named a Mentor of the Year as part of the 2019 Inspire Awards. The awards, presented by

MSD Wayne Board of Education Approves Resolution for May Referendum

February 5, 2019 The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township Board of Education has approved a property tax referendum for the May 7 ballot. The referendum would generate an additional

Maplewood Archery
Student Spotlight

Maplewood Elementary Students Participate in Archery During Physical Education Class

Ready. Aim. Release! These Maplewood Elementary students participate in archery during physical education class. Archery offers students the opportunity to engage in an activity they may never have tried before and to work on concentration, focus, attitude, and sportsmanship.

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