MSD of Wayne Township District Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Strategies


We are Wayne! Great Schools. Great Community. Inspiring excellence through great experiences.


Provide multiple opportunities for learning, that meet or exceed the present and future goals and aspirations of our students, in partnership with our community.


1. Everyone can learn and will learn more than he or she does now when engaged in compelling, high quality work (school, vocation or avocation).

2. All learners (children through lifelong adulthood) need options for success in a rapidly changing society. Our schools and community support what is necessary for future learner successes.

3. The members of our schools and community who thrive the most are those who continually improve their knowledge, skills and concern for effective learning and relationships, and model that to others.

4. We learn best in safe, orderly, caring and democratic environments with adequate, essential resources.


1. Create greater access to learning for all, primarily for preschool children and students but extended throughout adulthood

2. Build community by engaging individuals, learners and organizations at all levels

3. Market Wayne to residents and learners using both engagement and media

4. The three strategies are interconnected by a vision of schools and community focused on learners in every part of life. At the core of the three strategies is student success—child through lifelong adulthood!