Solar Farm

Solar Farm

MSD Wayne Township’s Energy Looks
Bright With Solar Farm Construction

In order to reduce our dependency of on-grid electrical power, reduce our carbon footprint and provide valuable educational opportunities for students to learn about alternative energy sources, the MSD of Wayne Township has created a solar farm that provides power to Ben Davis High School and Ninth Grade Center, and helps reduce our energy dependency by up to 80%.

The project is in association with Johnson Melloh Solutions, Hilltop Farms and the City of Indianapolis. The solar farm site directly adjacent to Ben Davis High School holds 7,200 panels and two 750-kilowatt generators, and generates a minimum 70% in savings on energy costs with up to 80% in conjunction with natural gas generators. These savings will recoup MSD Wayne’s initial investment over 15 years, and from there begin generating profit as a sustainable source of power for years to come.

We have also created educational opportunities that go hand-in-hand with this exciting new power source. Students learn about the benefits of the project, and enhance their science knowledge as they gain hands-on experience with the technology that is changing the outlook of the MSD Wayne Township.

We’re grateful to our partners, administrators, staff and community as we continue on a journey that is creating a strong base of solar power.

Solar Farm Plan
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