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Banking Contract

Chapel Glen HVAC

2018 Roofing Project – BDH, MCE

Construction Manager – Various Projects

SFE Chiller Project

E-Rate Category 2 FY2018 Hardware

2018 Improvement Projects Bid Notice

Notice of RFP – Technology

Technology RFP

Tecchnology RFP – Q & A

IT Security Projects RFP

2018 Roofing Project – CGE

Wayne 21st Street Land Notice to Bidders

21st Street Property Purchase Agreement

Purchase Offer Submitted by Washington Park Cemetery 

Wayne Surplus Property Notice to Bidders

Surplus Additional Terms Conditions 

 Notice to Bidders — 2018 Cell Lease

Instruction to Bidders — Cell Tower

Sample Lease Agreement — Cell Tower

Legal Notice – 2019 Roof Work

Notice to Bidders – BDH, NWE, WLE

Notice to Bidders – BPE Chiller

Notice to Bidders – WLE Exteriors

Wayne Technology — due May 6, 2019

Internet Access

Network Infrastructure Upgrade

Addendum to the BDHS Internet RFP

Request for Bidders – 2020 BDH Roofing

Notice to Bidders – BDHS Field house Flooring Remediation, ROE, RHE, CWE

Notice to Bidders – Asphalt at Education Center, BDHS, Westlake (April 21, 2020)

Notice to Bidders – Boiler Install Packages and BDH Fieldhouse (June 9, 2020)

Notice to Bidders–Sanders School (July 7, 2020)

Notice to Bidders – BDHS Performing Arts

Notice to Bidders – Kitchen Equipment for BDHS Servery and Area 31 Bake Shop

Notice to Bidders – WLE and RHE Renovations

2021 Wayne Township Roofing Specifications

2021 Wayne Township Roofing Drawings

2021 Q&A–Internet Service

Notice to Bidders–Security Systems Upgrade

Addendum #1 – Security Systems Upgrade Bid

Request for Bids–Upgrading Network Infrastructure

HDMI & Sound Field Installations

HDMI & Sound Field Installations FAQ

Notice to Bidders – Ben Davis High School Kitchen Servery – Kitchen Equipment Package

Notice to Bidders – Security Systems Upgrade MSD Wayne

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