MSD of Wayne Township Language Arts Framework

Question Component Part What is it? What is it for? Where is it?
What do we want students to learn? Unpacked Standards Lists Comprehensive list of learner outcomes for each grade level, K-12
  • Lists all learner outcomes for the grade level in one list (Common Core standards and Indiana Academic Standards)
  • Communicates the breadth of what students are expected to know and do in each grade level
What do we want students to learn? Prioritized Planning Guides for all grades, K-12 Quarterly maps that include prioritized skills, content, and core vocabulary per quarter and strand
  • Delineates instructional priorities to focus and prioritize instruction across all E/LA courses and grade levels
What do we want students to learn? Explicit Skill Sequence for:writing, grammar, and conventions, vocabulary and language development, and phonics and spelling “Stair-stepped” visual representation of expectations and how they build across grade levels in critical skill areas
  • Provides details about the sequence of expectations per grade level for each area of language arts to support strategic implementation and accountability for building students’ skills
What do we want students to learn? Anchor Units of Study Comprehensive E/LA instructional units for each grade level / course, paced by quarter – the core district E/LA curriculum
  • Provide the ‘guaranteed and viable curriculum’ for all students in Wayne Township
  • Serve as the foundation of each year’s E/LA curriculum
  • Establishes core texts and experiences for each grade level or course
  • Includes common pre- and post-assessments
Core Text List, grades 7-12
How will we teach it? Guiding Principles and Practices for E/LA Instruction Guidance documents articulating guiding principles across all areas of language arts; Collection of resources to provide support for effective instructional practices
  • Articulates shared principles that guide the selection of instructional practices
  • Guides teachers toward ‘best practices’ in E/LA instruction across all areas of language arts
  • Includes guidelines for text selection and use across grade levels
  • Coordinates efforts and provides a framework for professional development and improvement of E/LA instruction
Guiding Principles

Glossary of Terms

How will we know students have learned it? Performance Tasks / Annotated Exemplars of Proficiency Representative tasks and samples of student work (with annotations) aligned to instructional priorities
  • Provides examples of the level of expectation for student tasks and proficient student work on selected skills
  • Serves as a self-reflection tool for teachers about the level of instruction and student work
How will we know students have learned it? Common Assessments / Assessment Banks Bank of formative and summative assessment items aligned to priority standards
  • Provides assessment item bank for prioritized skills,including common scoring guides