For some, it’s the diversity you’ll find in the MSD of Wayne Township. For others, it’s the great professional development opportunities. Still others say it’s because Wayne feels like “family.” There are many reasons teachers in MSD Wayne love their

When you think of school vending machines, you may think of candy or soda. Books being dispensed is not likely the image that comes to mind. At McClelland Elementary, though, there’s a new vending machine that does just that. And

The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township Board of Education and the Wayne Township Classroom Teachers Association have signed a joint resolution opposing Indiana House Bill 1005. The bill would allow the establishment of education savings accounts that funnel state

Thanks to the ongoing support of Wayne Township’s Gillespie Florists, students at Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center are learning the art of floral design. “I would definitely say this is one of their favorite activities,” said Liz McNamara, teacher