Why MSD Wayne’s Substitute Teachers Love Their Jobs

Aundra Lambert loves seeing his students smile, whether it’s while they’re on the playground at McClelland Elementary, or while they’re working in the classroom.

“Watching the kids learn and watching them smile after they have learned something is just great,” says Mr. Lambert. “They feel good about themselves. That really drives me.”

Mr. Lambert is one of many substitute teachers the MSD of Wayne Township relies on each year to deliver services to its students.

Some substitutes, like Robert Krakowski, are retired teachers.

“Substitute teaching is a new adventure every day,” says Mr. Krakowski, who can be found each day at Garden City Elementary. “You get a new classroom, new experience, new children; it’s never the same thing over. And that’s something that I really enjoy. It’s something I looked for when I went out to look for a job after I retired.”

Some people come to substitute teaching after having spent years, even decades, in other careers. David Burnett, who substitutes at Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center, had a previous career as a television reporter and anchor in Washington, D.C.

“I became a sub largely because I needed to be able to fill some gaps in my time professionally and personally,” Mr. Burnett says. “What I found was that it was more than a gap filler, that I actually came to enjoy it. It’s been very rewarding.”

Dalene Owens Smoot has found her niche as a substitute teacher at Ben Davis High School and its Area 31 Career Center.

“I love the interaction with all of the students,” she says. “I love talking with them, sharing things with them. It doesn’t matter where I’m teaching or subbing, I always have something that I can interject or add to them with their classroom. Another perspective from another generation.”

To learn more about the substitute teaching experience in MSD Wayne, view this video.

MSD Wayne is always looking for qualified substitute teachers. The district utilizes Kelly Educational Staffing to fill these positions. If you’d like to explore becoming a substitute teacher and schedule an interview, please visit https://calendly.com/kellyscheduling or email 2570@kellyservices.com.

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