Transportation Services

Mission Statement

The MSD Wayne Township Department is dedicated to partnering with the schools, families, and communities to provide safe and efficient transportation while operating in a friendly, supportive and comfortable environment. This includes transportation to and from school, educational field trips, athletic trips, and all other approved activities.

To fulfill this mission, the following goals and indicators have been created:

  1. All drivers will provide safe transportation for students daily by:
    • Performing pre/post trip inspections daily and after each students dismissal.
    • Following all rules and regulations of DOT and state/federal laws.
    • Reporting all maintenance concerns immediately to ensure the bus is functioning at the
      highest possible level of safety, cleanliness and comfort for students.
  2. All drivers will provide efficient and on time students transportation daily by:
    • Following established routes and schedules to ensure efficient use of resources.
    • Being prepared to accept and dismiss students at the appropriate school for on-time
      delivery and pick up.
    • Effectively and pro-actively communicating student concerns with building and
      transportation administration.
  3. All drivers will create and nurture a cooperative, supportive and friendly bus environment by:
    • Displaying a friendly and respectful attitude toward students, parents and staff.
    • Knowing students names and keeping an accurate seating chart.
    • Proactively contacts parents to encourage and promote positive behavior and address
      unsafe behaviors.

Photos of our Dedicated Staff