Celebrating Champions of Equality and Acceptance: The 26th Annual M.G. Raby Awards

June 10, 2024

M.S.D. of Wayne Township proudly honored the recipients of the 26th Annual M.G. Raby Awards in a heartfelt ceremony held on Monday, June 10, just before the School Board meeting. These distinguished individuals were celebrated for their exemplary efforts in demonstrating, encouraging, and promoting equality and acceptance within our community. Each recipient has significantly contributed to the elimination of racism, stereotyping, and discriminatory practices through their daily actions and influence on human relations.

This year’s honorees include:

  • Community Leader: Maria Wiley
  • Certified Elementary Staff: Christian Johnson
  • Certified Junior Staff: Christian Williams
  • Certified High School Staff: Ronald Browning
  • Classified Staff: Fred Douse
  • Student: Nylan Brown
  • Parent: Esther Woodson

The ceremony underscored the importance of recognizing and celebrating those who work diligently to create a more equitable society. As these individuals continue to inspire through their actions, the District remains committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Congratulations to all the honorees of the 26th Annual M.G. Raby Awards for their outstanding contributions to our community!