Mayor Hogsett Visits Rhoades Elementary, Announces Street Improvement Project

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett used Rhoades Elementary as the backdrop for a November 18 news conference to announce a city-wide street reconstruction project.

The mayor joined the Indianapolis Department of Public Works to announce the street locations receiving funding for reconstruction as part of the second phase of his Circle City Forward Initiative. One of the roads scheduled for reconstruction, Auburn Street, borders Rhoades to the west.

“I’m proud of our City partners who were important in bringing this project to life,” said Mayor Hogsett. “Indianapolis is a city where mobility is a vital part of our residents’ lives. With the help of funding from the Circle City Forward Initiative, we can continue to create more accessible travel within our city.”

Previously announced in May, this phase will invest $25 million in the reconstruction of residential streets across Marion County. These funds will allow Indy DPW to address 280 segments of some of the most deteriorated streets across all City-County Council districts.

The funds were distributed based on a formula developed by Indy DPW and City-County Council leadership to ensure money was distributed equitably. This approach recognized the varying amounts of deteriorated street mileage and varying affluence among neighborhoods.

In recent years, Indy DPW has allocated significant funding towards the improvement of the city’s thoroughfares, and deterioration data show sustained improvement in the quality of these roadways. Though the department has also invested in more staff and equipment to provide better maintenance on residential streets as a complement to work on thoroughfares, deterioration data indicate that residential streets should be next in line for a boost of capital improvement. This $25 million investment equates to about 50 percent of the amount DPW has been able to spend on residential streets in the previous five years.

“Our school district and community contain some major thoroughfares, but residential streets are really the heart of Wayne,” said MSD Wayne Superintendent Jeff Butts. “Any time we can see residential streets improved, the quality of life for our community improves as well.”

Mayor Joe Hogsett launched the first phase of the Circle City Forward Initiative in February 2021 with the announcement of $190 million in enhancements to City-County facilities, to improve the delivery of local government services while investing in Marion County neighborhoods. The third phase of Circle City Forward included $25 million towards trail and greenway projects. All phases of the Circle City Forward Initiative will continue to route public funding to neighborhood improvements beyond the regular annual budgetary process, boosting communities as they rebound from the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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