Superintendents from Wayne, Pike and Decatur Share Views on 2021-22 School Year

The West Side Chamber of Commerce sponsored a forum on Friday, September 24 featuring superintendents of the three school districts on the west side of Indianapolis.

The forum featured MSD of Wayne Township Superintendent Jeff Butts; MSD of Pike Township Superintendent Flora Reichanadter; and MSD of Decatur Township Superintendent Matthew Prusiecki. Brandon Fishburn, president of the West Side Chamber of Commerce, moderated the event.

Much of the hour-long presentation focused on the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges each of the school systems have faced as a result.

“We’ve learned a lot about how trauma really impacts people, especially our students,” said Dr. Reichanadter, noting the lasting effects of last school year’s shutdown periods on children.

Dr. Prusiecki discussed the challenge of the disruption of school routine brought on by the pandemic. “When you talk about customer service and serving our community, it’s hard to do when you cannot plan like you used to,” he said.

The three superintendents spoke of the ongoing support the school districts in Marion County have given each other throughout the pandemic.

“We as Marion County superintendents have worked together more in the last 20 months than ever before,” Dr. Butts said. “And while we all three have our doctorates, they’re not in medicine. We are not medical experts. So we rely on the health professionals to tell us what we should be doing to keep ourselves safe and to keep our children safe. For all of us, the goal this year is to keep students in school.”

The three superintendents spoke about how their districts are using federal dollars to help support students as the pandemic continues. They also addressed how they’re coping with employment shortages brought on in part by the pandemic.

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