New Elementary and Middle School Online Option Coming in Fall 2021

The MSD of Wayne Township is creating a new online learning opportunity for kindergarten through eighth grade. Achieve Virtual K-6 and Achieve Virtual 7-8 will be up and running for the 2021-22 school year.

“Though we expect most students to return to their in-district, traditional school for the fall semester, we are anticipating that some families will want to stay in an online school setting next fall,” said MSD Wayne Superintendent Jeff Butts. “We’re excited to be able to expand our current Achieve Virtual Education Academy, Indiana’s first online public high school, to serve our elementary and middle school students as well.”

Dozens of families who chose our virtual setting for their students for the 2020-21 school year have already signed up for our expanded Achieve Virtual option for next fall. MSD Wayne is now opening enrollment in Achieve Virtual K-12 to all MSD Wayne students and those who attend school outside of the MSD of Wayne Township.

“The past year has taught us that students need more options for their education,” said Dr. Butts. “We believe Achieve Virtual K-12 will offer students a personalized opportunity to excel while providing a supportive learning community for our students and their families.”

Achieve Virtual K-6 and 7-8 will be blended learning models which include some in-person instruction. “We know that a blended model with mostly virtual and limited in-person instruction is a best practice for this type of learning,” said Dr. Butts. “Just like we do with our other instructional models, we have created Achieve Virtual to provide the best learning environment for those who choose online learning.”

Due to the pandemic, the first nine weeks of the 2021-22 school year will be entirely virtual.

Achieve Virtual will be located at Lakeview Christian Church off of High School road next to I-465, just north of Rockville Road (US 36).

Achieve Virtual K-6
Achieve Virtual K-6, MSD Wayne’s 12th elementary school, will serve students in kindergarten through sixth grade. It will utilize MSD Wayne core curriculum, materials, and resources. It will allow students to explore art, music, movement, and computer science through hands-on activities.

It will also include special education and English learner teachers and support staff. Achieve Virtual K-6 will have certified MSD Wayne teachers, and include both virtual and in-person learning. The school will sponsor family events similar to a traditional elementary school.

The principal of Achieve Virtual K-6 will be Matt Dodson. Mr. Dodson has been an elementary administrator and teacher for 16 years in MSD Wayne. Mr. Dodson may be contacted via the district’s communication system ParentSquare or by email at

Achieve Virtual 7-8
The principal of Achieve Virtual 7-8 will be Derek Eaton, who has been principal for the well-established Achieve Virtual Education Academy (grades 9-12) since it opened in 2011. After the first nine weeks of entirely virtual learning, student attendance at our school location will be required for one half-day session per week on a set schedule. Seventh graders will be scheduled to attend on Tuesdays for a half day, and eighth graders will be scheduled for half days on Thursdays.

“We are excited about this evolving online school opportunity for our students and families as well as our continued partnership with our community,” said Mr. Eaton. He may be reached with questions 317-988-7144, or

Application Process
MSD Wayne families will need to login to Family Access in Skyward (linked here) and select the Online Enrollment tab to submit an application.  If you need assistance with your login, contact your current/local school. Applications must be submitted for each child you wish to attend.

The application process will include a short questionnaire highlighting requirements and family commitments for enrollment.

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