MSD Wayne Chief Technology Officer Named Top Technology Coordinator in State

Pete JustMSD of Wayne Township Chief Technology Officer Pete Just has received the 2016 Indiana Technology Coordinator of the Year Award from Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators (HECC). The organization honors one individual in K-12 education each year for demonstrating a commitment to leadership with technology and learning for students and staff.

“Pete has made learning the priority, not the technology,” said MSD Wayne Superintendent Jeff Butts in his nomination of Mr. Just. “Pete and his team work with our curriculum leaders and media specialists to make sure technology and learning go hand in hand.”

Four years ago, under Mr. Just’s leadership, MSD Wayne implemented a comprehensive approach to furthering the effective use of technology in the classroom called the Blueprint for Digital Learning. This approach led to the development of the district’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative and Chromebook implementation.

“Because we want our students to be good digital citizens, Pete and his team worked with others in our district to create a series of lessons to help our students become more digitally literate,” said Superintendent Butts. “Pete has also created a responsible use of technology policy for the district that has been approved by our school board.”

The district’s Blueprint for Digital Learning led to the purchase of 10,000 Chromebook computers for MSD Wayne students. The district’s graduation rate is up, as are standardized test scores. “Students also are reporting greater enjoyment and empowerment in their learning,” said Dr. Butts.

In addition to the Blueprint for Digital Learning, Mr. Just and is team have implemented a new student information system, improving communication between parents and teachers. They have also improved digital communication between teachers. Mr. Just was also a core visionary in the development of Indiana’s first public online high school, MSD Wayne’s Achieve Virtual Education Academy.

Mr. Just is a co-founder and past chair of the Indiana Chief Technology Officers Council. He currently serves at the national level on the board of directors of the Consortium for School Networking, or CoSN.