Chromebook Insurance Enrollment

Option Coverage Premium $200 $32.60 $200 $30.80 $200 $29.90 Use this promo code to receive special rate(s) (*) required information; please PRINT clearly Name:* Grade Level:* Unit Serial Number:* Parent Name:* (For student policy only) Mailing Address:* City, State:* Zip:* Home phone:* Cell phone:* Email:* (Policy documents are emailed) Note: Initial quote online will not include processing fees. K-12 Student Rates Deductible $0 $25 $50 Term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year Model Lenovo Chromebook Make CHECK, MONEY ORDER or CASHIERS CHECK payable to Worth Ave. Group. Policy effective date begins 24 hours after postmark date on envelope for mail order. Mail to: Worth Ave. Group, P.O. Box 2077, Stillwater, OK 74076 Payment Options Application valid for 2016-2017 school year About Us Worth Ave. Group is affiliated with National Student Services, Inc. Since 1971, WAG has been the leader in providing personal property insurance designed specifically for students, faculty and staff of colleges and universities. Our expertise has now expanded to include K-12 education, businesses and individuals. Our corporate Headquarters is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. We are licensed in all states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our underwriter, Hanover Insurance Company in Worcester, Massachusetts, has an Excellent rating of A from A.M. Best Company, an organization rating insurance companies based on operating performance and financial strength. Worth Ave. Group is offering a special discount to students and faculty of MSD of Wayne Township (Indianapolis, IN) to insure the school-issued Chromebook. Insurance with Worth Ave. Group will protect the device against: Accidental Damage, Theft, Fire, Flood, Natural Disasters, Power Surge and Vandalism. This insurance policy will provide full replacement cost coverage and will protect the item worldwide (on and off school grounds). The policy is also transferable to a replacement unit. Insuring Personal Property Since msdwayne 1 (800) 620-2885, 8am-6pm M-F CST P.O. Box 2077, Stillwater, OK 74076